Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Well Heres the miracle!

I started testing way to early @ 4dp5dt and kept getting BFN's!!!
I was so disgusted and sad each time I saw only one line. Thursday I started cramping
just like aunt flow was coming, and then Friday night I was spotting. I couldnt do anything
but cry for hours because I knew yet again I was not pregnant! Something told me Saturday morning @ 8dp5dt to test again and low and behold there it was the most beautiful two pink lines I ever have seen! It was very,very faint, so I went & bought a digital and it said Pregnant!!
So at this point I sill dont believe it and have to test each day but the lines on Saturday night doubled in color form the one in the morning! I have my beta Wed the 27th at 8:00am and am soo nervous, I just cant wait to hear those numbers I am praying they are high and all is good in the world!!!!


Fertilize Me said...

praying ... 2 lines are good things!

Hekateris said...

Fantastic News!! That must have been the infamous implantation spotting - I hope tomorrow's beta is fab!