Sunday, December 16, 2007

Back from Hell!!

I am going to try to make this as quick as possible. Obviously my 1st IVF cycle was a failure, I got the news of my negative beta on Nov 7th. I was devastated and cried every day for almost a month. Well my RE scheduled me to have a laparoscopy done on Dec 7th to see if there was something they missed on my HSG, that would of caused my cycle to fail. So I went in for my lap last Tuesday thinking they would remove some scar tissue and that would be it, woke up to find out I had to have both of my tubes removed. I was pretty upset at first but they were both blocked and hydrosalpinx (fluid filled) so they had to remove them. I obviously will never conceive naturally but thank goodness for IVF! Some good news came from this my RE offered to pay almost half towards a full fresh cycle in Feb!!!!! So I am pretty stoked about that, I will be back to start my BC pills in January and be transferring in Feb!!!! Miracles do come true and I think this may be the 1st of many miracles to come for 2008!!!